My answer should not be new


When I reply to a topic and then go to the main page, a “new” badge appears beside the topic, but it shouldn’t, as I’ve already read my own answer (or at least I should have) while I was typing it.


I can’t repro this. Can you repro it on ?

Can you give an exact sequence of repro steps on try, click and tap by tap?


I can’t seem to reproduce it on OTOH, I never seem to see “new” badges there.

I didn’t want to pollute here, so I waited to see it happen again before replying here.

This actually involves having Discourse open in more than one tab.

  • Open the home page on one tab and leave it there;
  • On another tab, reply to a topic.
  • Occasionally a (1) will appear in the other tab; if I click on the header, I’ll occasionally see a “new” on my post; can’t really understand why this doesn’t seem to happen every single time.

By the way, I just went on the tab that shows the home page, clicked on the header again and saw this:

Look at the first and fourth post: is this supposed to happen?