Multiuser offline database suggestion


I know similar questions have been made in the past but the vast of information just makes it more complex for a newbie like me.

I am going to build an electron app which is going to be run by 3 users simultaneously (in a LAN through a NAS) and i am looking for a database solution that can offer consistency on this multiuser environment and also be bundled with electron, I don’t really mind if it’s relational or not.

SQLite is ruled out as its locking mechanism is a pain for multi-user usage.

Most posts i’ve read point to NeDB as it can store all data in json files. That said, LinvoDB claims to be an improvement of NeDB but i could not find file storage in its features.

I have also taken a look at:

  • (creating multiple local realms seems appealing)
  • localForage (no file storage available)
  • RxDB (no file storage but import/export available)
  • Nano-SQL (no file storage but import/export available)
  • LokiJS (no file storage available)
  • ForerunnerDB (no file storage available w/o node.js)

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.


Have a look at PouchDB. It runs in browser, and has built-in eventual consistency.


Still the only way to store the db physically in a local file is through LevelDB which has the limitation of “Only a single process (possibly multi-threaded) can access a particular database at a time.”.

I’m quite busy with another project atm but i am going to try realm and see how that goes.