Multiple windows showing same open tabs

In jEdit, separate windows are called “Views”.

When creating a new view, all tabs in the current window are replicated to the new one.

For those with multiple monitors, this (at least IMHO) is far better than splitting a single screen.

I’ve found even when creating a new window, I can’t drag a tab from one to the other, much less have the same tab in two windows.

Being reduced to one screen seems less productive. Any way to replicate this behavior in Atom?

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I was just able to drag a tab from one Atom window to another. Here’s what I did:

  1. Go to open Atom window
  2. Press Cmd+Shift+N to open a new window
  3. Drag open tab from first Atom window to other

As far as duplicating the open tabs, yes, that is more complicated. I’m sure though a package could be written to make it happen.


I found a way to duplicate tabs – it isn’t intuitive but it works like a charm.

Right click the tab you want to duplicate and click “Split” in some direction. That’ll split the current view. Then drag the second tab created to the new window.



I should warn though there seems to be some weirdness when you have the same file open in two different Atom windows – sometimes when I save on window A it doesn’t update on window B. Then saving in window B later REMOVES the changes I did in window A originally!

If you can reproduce this, please file a bug. The underlying editor between panes split like this are supposed to be the same.

I’m not sure how to reproduce it – it’s only happened to me a few times. It would be convenient if the windows were connected and just used the same buffer so changes in one window would update in the other window immediately.

Currently with MacOSX 10.10.5,
Atom 1.8.0.
One window with the file maximized (not full screen) monitor 2of4, and the directory with a split tabs with the file opened in that on monitor 3of4.

Typing in the one tab/window of the fil,e I can see it’s not getting updated on the other tab/window/monitor of the file. They are currently out of sync because I edited in both, and saved the one, but there are now changes in the other that haven’t been saved yet ;(

Any other debugging information I need give you??

@hvisage Atom can only synchronize the changes to a file in memory when that file is open in the same window. A separate window is a separate process which does not communicate with the other. The only way to get the two files to show the same contents in separate windows is to save the file to disk.

Would’ve though that the draging of the tab from the one window to the other would’ve been a method to keep them linked somehow ;(

Thanks for clarifying that for me @leedohm

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This does not work. If the folder is already open previously, I just get the same view as empty new window.