Multiple tabs and sub tabs in index file to show separate webview for each tab


Hi Everyone!
I am new to electron so i apologize first for my poor understanding.
I have a number of external web links to show in electron webviews,I want a thing like left panel or tabs bar for all external website links something like

  • tag for each web link and on click of specific link i want to open that link in my webview. Please help me in this matter with some resource material please

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    You can write this just like a normal web page or web app. If you’re using a view framework, it will have specific rules for how you should format your links. Otherwise, raw HTML with a webview would work fine, and you can hook up your links to load new URLs into the webview when clicked.

    Think of Electron like a browser. Anything you want to display within the browser window works about the same. In this case, the webview just takes the place of an iframe.