Multiple snippets with the same prefix


I converted a textmate bundle using the apm command and it worked well except this bundle has multiple snippets with the same prefix. In textmate, when I type the prefix and hit tab I get a dropdown of choices to use… in atom it seems to use the last one defined in the cson file. Is there a way to get the multiple choice option working?

Here is an example:

    'prefix': 'f'
    'body': 'fifo ${1:0755} ${2:owner} ${3:group} ${4:dest}'
    'prefix': 'f'
    'body': 'file ${1:0755} ${2:owner} ${3:group} ${4:dest} ${5:src}'
    'prefix': 'f'
    'body': 'find ${1:0755} ${2:owner} ${3:group} ${4:dest} ${5:args}'
    'prefix': 'f'
    'body': 'find? ${1:0755} ${2:owner} ${3:group} ${4:dest} ${5:args}'

In textmate… typing “f” and hitting tab shows all the options here… in Atom it just prefills with:

find? 0755 owner group dest args