Multiple snippets key?


Hey. I’ve just wanted wonderful texteditor like Atom :smile:

I have a question for snippets.
language-javascript ( is default offical package ) indicates follow sentences.

    'prefix': 'get'
    'body': 'getElementById(${1:\'${2:id}\'})'
    'prefix': 'get'
    'body': 'getElementsByClassName(${1:\'${2:className}\'})'
    'prefix': 'get'
    'body': 'getElementsByName(${1:\'${2:name}\'})'
    'prefix': 'get'
    'body': 'getElementsByTagName(${1:\'${2:tagName}\'})'

at this time, prefix ‘get’ has 4 body.
Actually only the last is activated. others doesn’t work!

is it bug or miss?
I wanna choose body from same prefix when necessary :stuck_out_tongue:


Also just noticed as well. Detailed report for Ruby language noted here.


C has also same problem.
it seems atom’s architect problem. thanks you.