Multiple Selections


Will Atom support “Multiple Selections” like Sublime?

That’s a must have feature for me.

Drag for multiple cursors
Multi Line copy and paste

Same shortcut as in Sublime: CMD-D.


Or Cmd-Shift-L for multiline, also exactly as in Sublime.


One thing I miss from Sublime is being able to undo a multi selection with CMD+U I feel this needs to be added.


Haha you’ve already given it a go then? To be honest, you can accomplish the same thing by pressing Esc.


Really miss “Option+Click&drag” feature from sublime text.


Undo, not remove all selections.


It seems like option-click doesn’t allow for selecting a “rectangle” of text.

I’d often use this to select several lines at a time with a cursor on each line.

CMD-D is create but option-click would be really nice too.


Option-click actually works perfectly for me. It allows rectangular selections that use multiple selection and multiple cursors at the same time, doing it exactly in the same way as Sublime Text, which is great.


Really? Are you doing anything special? Is there a plugin to enable this?


You’re going to find it ridiculous, but as I was going to create an animated GIF file to demonstrate it, I realized Atom actually doesn’t support rectangular selection. I was using Sublime Text thinking it was Atom and didn’t even realize the difference. Yes, their interfaces really are sufficiently similar that I got confused.

Of course, it doesn’t help that I was editing a document I had open in both Atom and Sublime Text; had it been a document I had open in only one, I’d have realized I wasn’t in the right editor.


Multiple selections are working fine for me, except that multiple-cursor paste doesn’t work as expected. If i put down several cursors, select the next word, copy, then paste, I would expect each cursor to only paste the word that it copied. As of now, each cursor pastes the concatenation of all of the copied words, which is less useful.


I really love the multi-selection in ST and Atom.

I’d add there is a subtle difference (a big plus for Atom): with something already selected (say, a word), using ctrl+shift+down will extend the selection (creating a rectangular selection) with Atom, and create new cursor at the next line with ST.

Like previous comments, I miss:

  • rectangular selection (with alt or anything)
  • multiple copy-paste (automatically like ST or—imho it would be even nicer—with a distinct shortcut)
  • I must confess I rarely used the cmd-u in ST, mostly because I find it someway weird (it doesn’t undo what I want), but I’d really love to add a such feature.

I also saw what I suspect to be a bug: when indenting some lines using rectangular selection, the behavior depends on the selection order(!). The example is a still complex to explain, so I put it in a gist:

Drag for multiple cursors

Hmm. ctrl+shift+down triggers a system command on my end (something to do with multiple windows, don’t know for sure). How you did it?


I deactivated this particular shortcut :slight_smile:

It is the Mission Control’s ^↓ shortcut (“Application’s windows” or something like this—my version is in French so I can’t tell).


Sweet! Now I can use the multi-select.

Thank you.


The default mission control keyboard shortcuts are terrible. I always change them.


please see this video for a detailed example of this feature request:


This - needs to be it’s own post as a feature request. That’s the only thing really wrong with atom’s multi select. And maybe alt select for blocks - but personally i never use that one.


There already is at least one (I believe there are more, actually) separate post on this multi-select paste behavior: