Multiple Selection (ctrl-cmd-g) not consistently working


I’m currently using Atom to help me clean up translated HTML which contains tons of empty spaces in tags. I’m finding that multi-select is working sometimes, but stops after some use and requires quitting and re-opening the app to start working again.

The problem appears to happen only when I am selecting ‘white space’, ie what’s found in < / p>


I would love if multiple selection was enabled by default. In Sublime, I can highlight a variable and it shows me everywhere that variable is located in the file.


You can do this now in Atom with ctrl-cmd-g

Check the Preferences - Key Bindings for lots of goodies.


Right. I was wondering if there was a way to enable that functionality by default (For ex. double clicking on a variable)


Recently I thought I noticed it didn’t work as well when not at the beginning of a word too.