Multiple projects - remote-ftp


Thanks for reading this.
I’m new to Atom and loving it. remote-ftp was one of my first installs.
Just one thing that’s elusive right now

My use case involves editing a development tree then transferring the files to a production tree
In Atom it seems that I should create two projects and have an sftp config in each.

So far it looks ike Atom -> remote-ftp can have only one remote tree open at a time.
Any tips or advice very welcome


I use atom-commander, and it doesn’t look like it has the functionality for having multiple sessions open at once, but you could use both packages at once.


You can have two sessions open at the same time. One in each panel, but not more than that. Even so, I don’t think it will help in this case, because you cannot copy from one remote folder to another. Only between local and remote.