Multiple projects in same window and different tabs


Sometimes I open multiple projects with Atom and the newly opened project opens in the same window but in a new “window tab”(see image below). I have done this a few times unintentionally and have been unable to reproduce it. I’ll love to have this as a default setting. Does anyone know what this setting is called?



Atom doesn’t have any support for this directly. I do recall someone reporting something like this when Atom was in full screen mode.


@leedohm Just tried and you’re right, fullscreen triggered this. Any chance Atom will support this directly?


It’s pretty unlikely that the maintainers will invest time in it. We would be open to a well-written, well-described pull request though.


Ok fair enough. Thanks


for whatever it’s worth, I updated from 1.16.x to 1.19.1 today, and this no longer works for me :frowning:
I wish it would be a fully supported feature, as I often need to have multiple directories open at the same time. Switching between them quickly is super useful…


(Sorry for my English.) @conlon , I think the same as you, I used it daily and now I do not have this option … does anyone know anything? It should be a configurable system option.


Wow I’ve been searching for this for months, first time I’ve found mention. One of my favorite feature-bugs, bummer it doesn’t work anymore.


Yes, I agree. This feature is a must. I sometimes have 5 or 6 projects open at a time and it can be difficult switching back and forth between them.


I wouldn’t have updated had I known that this would be gone :frowning:

It’s an amazing feature especially for full stack devs for micro services.


Turned on Atom today to find this no longer works for me either. This is such a huge change to my workflow I almost need to find a new editor now. I don’t understand, how are people maintaining multiple projects at a time without this? Do you just have a bunch of atom windows open at once? This kept my entire workflow to a few screens, now I’m going to need to have a separate fullscreen workspace for each new project open at once? Time to find a new editor…


Yes, just like people have been doing for many years.

Time to find a new editor…

Don’t be so dramatic. The tabs were disabled because they caused issues and they’re re-enabled in 1.21.0.


This is the first place I have been able to find that mentions this feature! It is very useful, and I would like to learn more about it. I have several questions, the first of which is: Does this feature have an official name?

I am also wondering if it can be triggered out side of full screen mode, and whether there is a keyboard short cut to switch between these higher level tabs.


In 1.22.1, (on mac at least) if you go to View > Show Tab Bar, it will give you a project based tab bar.

If you have 2 windows opens with the Tab Bar visible, you can drag the project tab from one widow to the next.

I have not yet found a way open a project in a new project tab via the command line yet.

(sorry for the double post, could not find the edit cta)