Multiple parallel Project panels possible?

Hi, I’m working with a source project I’m referencing and a project I’m actually working on, and want them to have both paths open parallel to eachother, instead of stacked in the same project pane. Basically I can’t figure out how to open a second Project pane.

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Instead of creating a second project pane … perhaps Meld could support your workflow … comparing files?

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Nah, I just need a side-by-side view of two project folders- I’m not cloning, I’m referencing the structure of one, to build the other properly. All I need for that is to see them both at once- but the source project is hundreds of files and folders, which expands well past the vertical limit of the Projects pane, hiding the new project. Currently I’m just memorizing the three-folder path, then making a new nested folder set with New Folder and typing out the folder names. THAT part isn’t hard at all, it’s just my memory not always being able to remember the order of folders- if I could see both projects, wouldn’t be a problem.

Tl;Dr: It’s not repeated or regular enough to justify some extension that just shows me what files are different- I can do that myself without any hassle… if I can have both projects on the screen at once.

??? but that is exactly what Meld is designed for. Comparing files. And the meld package binds Atom to external Meld app. Anyway, good luck.

Again, I DON’T need help comparing, I just need to see both project folders at the same time, idk how that’s so hard for you to grasp.

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