Multiple monitors whilst docked, when undocked, Atom only opens on non-existant monitor


Hello, I have 3 monitors when docked using my laptop (Windows 8.1). If I use Atom on either my left or right monitors and close it down and shut down my machine, when I undock and attempt to open Atom again undocked, it tries to open on either my left or right monitor. As it is undocked, these don’t exist. I can’t use Atom at all. I have tried closing it and then trying to open a new file by ‘Right Clicking’ and opening with Atom. Same issue, the windows opens on the non-existant monitor.
Any help appreciated.
Regards, Tim.


Sorry, forgot to add, if I close Atom whilst it is on my middle monitor, it opens successfully on the laptop undocked.
Thanks again.
Regards, Tim.


There is an open issue for this problem The comments there describe how you can move windows that are off screen.

Copied from issue comment:

Alt + Tab to choose the atom window
Alt + Space to open the context menu
Press ‘m’ to select move
Press any arrow key once
Move your mouse (The misplaced window will follow your cursor.)
Open a new file or project and close it again to save the new window state.


Thanks Ben3eeE. Work around exactly as described.
Cheers, Tim.


I am using ubuntu, would be nice if someone can post solution to this issue in ubuntu.
The solution above does not work for ubuntu