Multiple Git Repositories in a PHP composer project



I’m trying to use Atom with a PHP (composer) project but Atom seems to be unable to detect my (composer) loaded packages as others git repositories.

Because my project git repository has a .gitignore file which ignores the vendor/ directory, Atom completely skips all files in it…

But I want Atom to understand that my project is composed of others git repositories, etc.

Is it a bug ? Did I misconfigured something ?

Thanks for your help.


Atom supports sub-repositories, but it doesn’t sound like that is what you’re doing here. What is it that you want Atom to be doing that it isn’t doing?


In my example, Atom doesn’t detect my sub-repositories (in my vendor/ directory).
So when I edit a file in my sub-repositories, there is no “git features” available like highlights the modified lines, etc.


So you’ve added them as submodules (sorry, forgot the official term for them) by using the git submodule add command? Or are they just Git repositories that happen to be inside your Git repository?


They happen to be inside my main/root git repository (in the vendor/ directory) via the Composer packages manager (

I never did a git submodule add command.


I just created a repository within a repository (without the .gitignore part) and Atom doesn’t recognize changes to a file within the nested repository either. So it isn’t anything to do with the fact that the vendor directory is ignored.

You can add a bug on Atom Core:


Is there a way to close this post now ?


Generally, we leave the posts open until the bug is closed.