Multiple font sizes in one document


Hi, I’m starting hacking Atom and I would like to ask few questions:

  1. Is Atom able to show different font sizes for different lines - based on my syntax/theme or with some plugin/modification?

  2. When I switch to not-fixed-width font such as Arial the cursor when moved vertically counts the y-position based on the number of characters on the left and not based on the actial width of the text. Is it possible to tweak this easily?

Thanks for helping me!


Atom does not currently support multiple font sizes or proportionally-spaced fonts for the reasons you mention.


When my font broke in 126 I used Atom with Helvetica for a while and I was quite surprised how well it worked. I would have thought it would be horrible to not line up. The one big problem was that the two spaces for soft-tabs was really narrow.

I saw a proportional font designed for programming. I’ll have to try it out.