Multiple folders.. now you see 'em now you don't


Hey all!

I downloaded the .zip version of Atom (0.187) and was disheartened when I tried creating and saving projects. Before, on Atom version 0.184, I could add Root folders and save that with Project Manager and when I loaded the projects they would open with both folders in ONE window.

Now, I add the root folders, save with Project Manager etc. but when I load it only loads the first root folder and that’s all, I checked the projects.cson file and both folder paths are there, it just wont load… is this a problem with Atom or the package ‘Project-Manager’?

Thanks in advance :smile:


I haven’t had any issues with loading multiple-root sessions on the latest version of Atom, v0.187.0 as of this writing. It sounds like an issue with the project-manager package.


Hmm… I’m guessing an update from them guys to integrate the new package thingy, ok… I’ll copy this bug to their bug listings and close this :smile: