Multiple electron apps in the local network - one database



I would like some suggestions about a project that I would want to build:
I would like to have one app that I can install on two or more computers(no internet access, but all are in the same local network). All apps(computers) would share the same database, so that if any of the cumputers got destroyed the rest would still run perfectly.
The database should do ok with 1-2 million rows, it doesn’t matter if it is nosql or not.
What database would be good for this project?
What other suggestions do you have?



Pretty much any standard non-single-user database: MySQL, Postgres, et al. I can’t comment on the NoSQL databases because I’ve never used them. Most databases are specifically designed for multi-user environments like you’re describing.


Do have in mind that MySQL table access becomes slow if it has more than 1 million rows.

The usual solution to that is to have fixed length fields (so no variable) for all columns in the table. If possible, this should be done when table (database) is created.


I am a web developer for 8 years, and I worked with MySQL database with millions of rows.
With MySQL I didn’t worked with replication.
As I said I with like that every computer on the local network that have my app would have a local database, that some how is sync with the rest of the computers.
Computer A, B, C, all have my app and they are connected to the same local network, without internet access.
If I insert some data from A I could see it on B and C.
This could be done with a computer set as server, and every computers connect to that database; but if the server crash all computers would be useless and I could lost all informations. This is why I want that every computers have there own database(locally) that is indetically on all computers.


It sounds like what you’re asking for is a custom-designed database replication strategy. That’s off-topic for this forum. You probably want to look someplace where experts in databases congregate :grinning:

Perhaps one of these might help?