Multiple editor tabs quickly becomes squished and unidentifiable


does any one know if/how to get expansion to multiple rows of editor tabs?

webstorm has this feature and it can be helpful when editing many files on a smaller display.

if not, any techniques to mitigate this?



in lieu of multi-row tabs, even the ability to shorten the time it takes for the file name to show up in a tooltip on hover may be a decent way to mitigate…


+1 for shorten time for tooltip.


Here’s a package that will hopefully suit your purpose:


Worse: with current version, on Windows, and Light UI theme (not sure for others), the tab size doesn’t go below a given size (which is a rather good idea, at least if the significant part of the file names are at the start…), so if too much files are opened, you cannot see the last tabs, and there is no sign to indicate some are not visible, and no way to scroll the tab row.

Searching for a solution is made harder because tabs are also used for indentation (name confusion).

The helps a bit, but I find annoying it doesn’t keep up with the tab re-ordering.

I will try the multirow-tabs package, too.


You can scroll the tab row by scrolling over it with the mouse wheel while holding down the Shift modifier.


I did a little stylesheet hacking to get tabs to wrap.

// infinite atom tabs, wrapped
.tab-bar {
    -webkit-flex-wrap: wrap;
    height: auto;
    .tab, {
        -webkit-flex: initial;
        .title {
            // don't need the fade/mask
            -webkit-mask: none;

            // a little room for the Close icon
            padding-right: 9px;

            // uncomment for fixed width
            // max-width: 11ch;


More details, a few other tab tweaks and screenshots here:


Thanks for the trick, I tried the mouse wheel but didn’t try the modifiers… That’s a quite hidden trick! :wink:

I installed multirow-tabs which works quite well, except I have to toggle it on each Atom restart.