Multiple ( dynamic number of) mysql queries


Hey guys

I have a dynamic length array that contains lets say keywords. I need to check each keyword by calling a mysql query and store the result. after all of them are checked i need to move forward. What would be the best approach for this?


I am confused , is that general programming question?
I think this is not related to Electron.


Its not that general. It is valid (at least from my POV) in the context of Electron. I’m still getting to grips with it and I dont know if a particular solution (ex. Q) would be valid in this context. Sorry if it bothered you.


I am quite sure you can have better answers in Stack Overflow.
This forum is questions for Atom and Electron.


Helpful and welcoming. Thanks anyway :slight_smile:


In my opinion, @v3ss0n was being more helpful than if your question had simply gone unanswered because there aren’t any MySQL experts here.


Hello @pocorschi i am very happy to help but as this is not a place for general programming questions and we want to keep it only thing directly related to Atom and Electron. I suggest you to make a question on , and private message me the link by clicking my username and clicking the message button. I will help as much as i am avaliable.

@leedohm thanks a lot.