Multiple clipboards


I’m missing a feature that boosted a lot my productivity on PHPStorm: Multiple Clipboards.

  • cmd+shift+v (ctrl+shift+v): you get a pop up screen that lets you pick one of your early copied texts. The one you choose is pasted and becomes the current text to paste when using ctrl+v

You can check PHPStorm docs


I’ve added this to my list of packages I’d like to do. I’ll post here if/when I do it.

Before Atom I used webstorm for a couple of years. I liked it a lot more than sublime. I’ve done a number of Atom packages, several that were inspired by webstorm.


Those on OSX can install Flycut to get this system-wide. Those on Windows can install Ditto to get this system-wide.

I’m not quite clear yet why would I want this specific to a certain program.