Multiple atom instances with diferent ATOM_HOME



I have defined diferent instances using ATOM_HOME like this:
ATOM_HOME=/home/xxxx/.atom_ionic atom -n $*

The problem is that when an instance is running and I launch another one, then second instance is not working.
If I do ps aux:

/usr/lib/electron/electron --app=/usr/lib/atom --executed-from=/home/juanra --pid=20891 -n
/usr/lib/electron/electron --eval CompileCache = require('/usr/lib/atom/src/compile-cache.js') CompileCache.setCacheDirectory('/home/juanra/.local/share/atom-ionic/compile-cache'); CompileCache.install("/usr/lib/electron/resources", require) require('/usr/lib/atom/src/task-bootstrap.js');

Instances are launched with the same directory cache.
Any idea how to solve this?


This pull request solve this: