Multimarkdown conversion of TextMate bundle - made a start, need help to finish


To extend the basic Markdown support in Atom, I’ve converted the TextMate Multimarkdown bundle (unescaping one hash sign - see the process on this Atom discussion). The (converted) TextMate bundle files are now in my Atom config folder.

Markdown syntax now highlights okay (and differently from the built-in GitHub Markdown) when I choose ‘Multimarkdown’ from the syntax list. The table sytnax appears to pick out table heads, but there’s no preview and no support for definition lists.

Can someone point me to the file(s) in Atom I’d need to work on to get:

  1. a preview pane?
  2. syntax highlighting for definition lists?

The question’s up on StackOverflow too.

Textmate themes ported to Atom