Multi syntax highlighting


I would like to ask about “multi syntax highlight”, for example I have .php file with mix html and I would like to use snippet for php and html. So I need to manual change syntax?


I don’t think so, since the PHP grammar does use .html tags. Are you not able to use HTML snippets in the HTML portions or PHP snippets in the PHP portions? What version of Atom are you on (and can you reproduce the issue in safe mode (atom --safe))? Thanks.


Hmm, for example:

Why the php code is not highlighted? I set “Auto Detect

I think is the newest version:

Atom 1.1.0


Because the language was auto detected as html. (See between the utf-8 and 1 update), you can change it to php.

This PR try to improve the situation by giving more weigth to the file name:


Yes, I know. But why atom doesn’t support multi-language syntax? Like sublime:


It does support the mix of html + php. There was a glitch in detecting what is the host language. In your screenshot sublime have deltected the host is PHP and that’s what the update will probably do.


Hmm, ok.
So now:

Syntax looks fine, but for example, emmet doesn’t work good .