Multi Monitor Support for Atom


Hello. I a, using two monitors for coding. on one monitor i use Atom and on other sublime. Now since atom doesn’t have split window feature i use sublime to check my other code. I am coding Jade files and i want html files on other window to show as updated.
but when i change Jade files i have to focus on sublime to see the change.
Is it possible that sublime changes made automatically without focus?


You can always open a second window of Atom and move it to your other screen.


How to do that?


As with most editors, File -> Open New Window will create a second Atom window.


Thanks a lot. it worked.


Hi everyone here, I want to update my question.

I have been using Atom some time now, and I have always been able to open a second window, and then drag a tab over to the new window. Recently that has changed. (version 1.13.0), and I could open a new window, but I cannot drag and drop tabs from the old window into the new one. And when I open a file in this new windows, nothing happens there, but it gets opened in the old window.

Are you also experiencing this?

I have two monitors, as such it is a great way to refer to some other files when I’m coding…


Can you reproduce the problem in Safe Mode? To launch Safe Mode:

  1. Completely exit all instances of Atom
  2. Launch Atom with the command atom --safe

Also, can you drag and drop tabs between windows on the same monitor but not between monitors? Or can you not drag and drop tabs between windows no matter which monitor they’re on?


I tried in the safe mode as you mentioned (would the window show any difference whether it is in safe mode or not?) and the problem is reproduced.

I cannot drag and drop tabs between windows, be it on the same monitor or on different monitors. (Safe mode and “normal” mode)

I find this very strange, and I feel this may be cause behind the problem… :slight_smile:


Yes, there is a green indicator on the left of the Status Bar when you’re in Safe Mode.


Hi leedohm,

I’ve some updates to make. Previously, I could just open a second window, and drag tab and drop it there. Now, the process is a little bit different. You need to have a tab already opened in the new window, and then, I have to drag my tab directly next to any tab in the new window (until you see the tab of the opened file gets a little highlight) and attach it there.

So it still works, but the not so nice part is that I have to open a random file in the new window before I can drag and drop…