Multi-line Typing (Not sure if a Feature or a Bug)


Hi. I’m using Mac.

I noticed that when you type strings in different lines, for example:

hello there.
what are you doing.
I’m ok here.

then I click anywhere in the first line (hello there.), then I hold “Command” and click on other lines the cursor will replicate and when you release “Command” and type something, it will do a multi line typing. for example:

If i will use the example above and follow the instruction and i will type “SOMETHING” in the first line, it will look like this

hello SOMETHING there.
what SOMETHING are you doing.

Is this a feature or a bug? Let us know. Thanks.



Feature. Sublime text and other editors do the same thing.


Cool. I got disturbed for a while. But yeah, thanks. :slightly_smiling: