Multi line regex support using "search in directory" function


Hey there :smile: I’ve been using atom for a while now, and I needed to replace a bunch of code who was appearing in more than 60+ files, so I decided to use the Search in directory option. I first tired to copy and paste the code I needed to look for but it didn’t work well, so I decided to use the regex option then.

I reduced it to something like this

Which selects the piece of code in every file I need when I enter to any of the required files, use ctrl+f with regex turned on, but if I add the same exact regex into the “Search in Directory” option, it returns 0 results. Looks like the query breaks as soon as it finds the [^n] to match a new line.

Am I doing something wrong or can this feature not be used this way? Is there any plugin to achieve what I need instead?
Thanks! :smiley:


There is an open Issue on this here:


Oh sorry missed it completely, is there any workaround while it gets fixed?