Multi-line find and replace?


This is one of those make-or-break features for me. The way that Sublime does this (ctrl+enter for a new line in the find dialog) works pretty well, although it has some buggy implementation (e.g., can’t add a new line to the beginning of existing text). I’d also like to be able to select a multi-line block of text in a file and have it auto-enter into the find dialog when pressing ctrl+F.

I realize that I could use regular expressions and newlines (\n), but that’s kind of a pita.

Very nice editor overall - keep up the great work!


Command-E does this. But it’s weird that Command-F also does this for single-line selections but not for multi-line selections.


Yeah - Ctrl+F doesn’t seem to accept multi-line entries at all.


This is great, however cmd+e only searches in the opened document. Is there cmd+e for the entire project?


You can vote on the feature at


The Atom team doesn’t count “votes” on features or bugs. Posting a +1 on an Issue is mostly noise that can take time away from volunteers doing bug triage. I get notifications from over 130 repositories, anywhere from 30-50 notifications a day. Notifications that I read and, if appropriate, respond to before moving on to writing bug fixes or new features. Sure, it doesn’t take much time to see a comment that is only a +1 and move on, but it does take time.

On the other hand, if you have some feedback or suggestions or ideas about an Issue, by all means please post it.


A great feature to add to multi-line replacing is to ensure that Atom will still the the default indentations after line breaks (this would need to be optional), but not having that is really biting me in the butt right now.


This seems to be mac specific. On my Atom there is nothing happening on CTRL-E.

I use Atom 1.24.1 x86 on Kubuntu KDE.

How do I search for a multiline there?


On a WIndows machine it works as follows:

  • Select the text; multi-line is accepted too

  • press ctrl-e

    note that there will not be any GUI feedback

  • press F3 to find the next occurrence


key task
F3 Next occurrence
shift-F3 Previous occurrence
alt-F3 All occurrences

Windows 10
Atom V1.28.2