MSI installer for Windows?


On this page it says:

Atom is also available in an .MSI package from Atom Releases which can be deployed or installed on a machine.

But I don’t see any MSI installer. An instructor is requesting Atom on several dozen machines and it would be nice to have a deployable package without having to resort to MacGuyver tactics.

What am I missing?


Thanks for pointing that out. We stopped offering the MSI installer because it wasn’t used that much and we needed to trim down the number of installation packages that are generated for each release.


Does the EXE not work for you?
Granted, it is not explicitly marked as for Windows.


An msi installer allows for easy automated deployments. Please consider adding it again. Tx


I would also like an MSi version of install to distribute your install to our users. We deploy all applications silently via SCCM deployment.

I have tried the following CmdLine Switches via a System account. (this will simulate deploying any app via SCCM)

  1. AtomSetup-x64.exe --machine -s
  2. AtomSetup-x64.exe --machine
  3. AtomSetup-x64.exe --machine --s

if you would like to reproduce, simply download SysInternalSuite from Microsoft, and install PSEXEC.exe in your System32 directory

  • From an CMD.exe as Admin run psexec.exe /s /i cmd.exe
  • from new CMD you are now running everything via System Account

I think Squirrel makes it easy to turn it back on MSI…

Just Flip the switch and you will make all of us Enterprise folks happy.

Kind Regards,