Moving to a new line?


I installed Atom on my windows 10 PC and I was watching a tutorial about atom that was using a Mac. All they had to do in the Mac OS when they wanted to create a new line was press return button and it would drop down to line 2 3 4 5 6 or 7, how ever many you wanted depending on the times you pressed the return button. But when I try that in the windows 10 Atom I installed it doesn’t do anything. In fact I cant find any way to create a new line. It only stays on line 1 no matter what button I try. It just shows error messages with all the buttons I try. Anybody Have any suggestions?


That’s not normal; a screenshot of these errors would help.


Yeah it seems like something is wrong. Every time I press enter to move to a new line it shows this error. It also shows that error with almost all the buttons I push?


Have you tried deleting Atom and reinstalling it?


Actually thats what I just did today and it worked lol. So you are correct. :slight_smile: