Moving Package Development to a new computer


I have been working on and updating a package for atom and my computer died. I was able to get everything setup on the new computer except I am not sure how to get back to being able to work on the package with the new computer. I moved everything from a backup over so I have the github repo and all that as well as the alias folder in the packages, but not sure what else I need to do. Thanks!


I’m not sure what else you need to do either. Is there something that isn’t working for you?

Also, did you use the apm link command with the --dev switch so that the development version only loads when you launch atom in Dev Mode with the --dev switch?


Actually, I didn’t even know to do the apm link command. I had pulled everything from the backup and the alias was still there, but atom didn’t pick it up as an installed package. Based on your suggestion, I removed the alias and did the apm link and it works now. Thanks!