Move window without title bar and with dev console visible


I typically hide Atom’s title bar using the Core setting. If I want to move the window, I need to grab and drag the very bottom (no other spot works). But I noticed that if the developer tools are visible and located at the bottom of the window, grabbing the bottom of the window or the bottom of the editor (above the console) and dragging fails to move the window (it has no effect).

At least on OSX, the trick of clicking the left edge of the Atom window (as if to resize horizontally), holding for a while and dragging, continues to work though.


The issue with dragging when the dev tools are open is due to a bug in electron:

As for being able to drag the window more easily when the title bar is hidden: I use the custom Core setting and the no-title-bar package, which hides the title bar without compromising window functionality like dragging and the macOS traffic lights.