Move to the next/prev parameter: keyboard shortcut


Sorry for the noob question, but i cannot find the way to jump between parameters like happens in this example:

move parameters

Hope someone can help me.


In my experience, pressing the Tab key is what is used to move forward between fields like that in the autocomplete-plus system. I believe Shift+Tab is used to navigate backwards?


This doesn’t work for me when I press tab I also autocomplete the text even if I don’t want so this cause me some errors


When there is an active tab stop (the strings indicated by $ in the graphic above), then the navigation command should override the autocomplete command. If you think that this is not working as indicated, please take a screenshot of the Keybinding Resolver output (ctrl-.) that you see when you try, preferably with your code in the screenshot. The best would be a gif, like you see in the original post.