Move Themes To Application Support?


Perhaps this applies to more than just themes, but having themes in a hidden folder (.atom) makes it harder to get at them to edit. And such a folder is a pretty non-standard Mac way to store application configuration.

How about we move themes into an Atom Application Support folder?



I don’t think this is such a big deal for now to be honest.
You can easily access the folder through terminal or you could just create a folder where it suits you and create a symlink for now.
The application support folder is anyhow inside a .hidden library folder so it would be pretty much the same anyhow.
Also if you really need quick access, you cold just drag the packages folder to your finder sidebar.


You are certainly right that there are many ways to access the .atom folder and its contents. I’m not suggesting that one can’t get to the files where they are now.

Rather, I’m suggesting some consistency to where those files are stored. Users don’t expect supporting files for an app to be in a special hidden folder somewhere. The Application Support folder is the standard.

Why is Atom’s method better? And is it better enough to change convention? If not, then I’d suggest conforming to the standard.



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