Move tabs when using drag-and-drop to reorder them


When reordering tabs in most major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE, not sure about Safari or Opera), the tab itself moves left and right as you drag it.

In Atom, the tab does not move when you drag it. Instead a ghosted copy of the tab is dragged, and only after you move your mouse over a position between two existing tabs and release the mouse button are the tabs reordered.

As someone used to more Chrome-like behavior, the way Atom handles this feels a bit awkward to me. I miss the nice, obvious visual cue showing where the tab will be dropped when I release the mouse.

More importantly though, I dislike how Atom exclusively uses the position of the mouse to determine where to drop the tab. As demonstrated in the animations above, Atom’s method requires moving my mouse quite a bit further to reorder tabs than Chrome’s. That’s because I have to move my mouse to the position between the two tabs where I want to drop the current tab, instead of moving the tab itself into position. This often leads to me failing to move the tab where I want on my first try, as demonstrated in the GIF above.

Could Atom’s behavior here be changed to match that of popular browsers?


Can’t agree more on this. It’s been bugging me a lot after continuously failing to reorder my tabs.