Move package repository


Hi, I want to move package repository from personal account to the organisation. But when I do this, I start to get

Creating new version failed: Git tag not found

when I try to publish a new version. Any way to solve this?


You need to get back the repo on your personal account, run apm unpublish [yourpackage] then move it to the organization. If you have the rights on the repo, go in the folder of the package and run apm publish [your-git-tag] and voilà.

Just did it yesterday, kinda tricky at first.


What’s [your-git-tag] supposed to be in this case? I currently have the same task, I need to move my package from my personal account to the organizational one.


Also, why is it not sufficient to update the git URL in the package.json file after moving the repository? apm unpublish warns that “This will remove it from the apm registry, including download counts and stars, and this action is irreversible.” which is probably not what you want if you just want to update the code’s location. Any suggestions?


When I got control transferred to me of the shell-it package, all I had to do was run apm publish from a clean repo and the registry updated automatically with me as the new author.


Okay I managed to transfer ownership after some try-and-error. I thought it would be possible to do this without publishing a new version (I think a new version should only be published if there is an actual update to the package), but that does not seem to be the case. I had to run apm publish patch to get it to work.