Move line without auto indent?


I don’t want my lines to auto indent when I move them.

How can I change this behaviour ?

Example :


This setting (in red) also controls the indentation when moving text.


That’s a shame, I would like to keep the auto indent when inserting a new line, but not when moving a line.


New behavior often fix something for one, and break something for another one.
You could probably show your use case on the issue.

Another approach to fix this, would be to make language-plaintext, and language-markdown, whitespace significant. IE the whitespace at the start of a line (and especially a line with a bullet point) has a meaning and we should keep it even if we ask to auto-indent the file.

For markdown at least I opened this issue


Note that this is not specific to Markdown / Plain Text :



That’s called hanging indent and it looks it’s another thing where auto-indent could be improved.