Move language-ruby-on-rails away from core


Hello! I usually develop in ruby on rails. And have found that there exists a package called:


Despite ruby on rails don’t being a “language”, it adds its own grammars for rb and erb files. This usually confuses me, because they are colored different in the editor. But they should look very similar, and even sometimes, the same.

This is also confusing when developing themes, I have contributed a lot of times to solarized dark syntax, and I find difficult to know which grammar should be supported. For example, for erb files some people use HTML (Rails) and some other people use HTML (Ruby - ERB).

As the language-ruby is the language I think that should have more priority over ruby on rails.

My question is this:

Shouldn’t the package language-ruby-on-rails move away from the atom core and be an external package? In the same way every framework sometimes have their own packages that enhance functionallity for a specific grammar (ex: es6 for javascript, django for python etc.)

I ask here first because I’m not sure if I’m missing something?