Move Atom to another drive on Windows 7


Hi. Just installed Atom based on a recommendation on Node-Red google forum. Using Windows 7 Prof (sad I know!) and under my User account - had to enter Admin pswd. Got off to a bad start :wink: when the install didn’t give me an installation folder option and installed 400 MB base install - I try valiantly to keep my C: drive a reasonable size and unfragmented.

I moved the atom folder to F:\ (where all my apps go) and started Atom OK. Installed packages and chose theme and then noticed the packages were being installed to C:\Users…

As per manual I moved the .atom folder to F:\ but when I restarted Atom reverts to reinstalling the C:\Users folders. Manual says there should be no ATOM_HOME environment variable. Went to System\System Properties\Environment Variables but could no see ATOM_HOME environment variable. Then saw Windows was showing Admins user variables. I can only presume that ATOM_HOME is in the User users variables but at a loss how to check that and edit those.

Help much appreciated for moving Atom under Windows 7. Not keen on using the other recommended editor: Microsoft Visual Studio Code!!!


Can’t see how to edit my post. Here’s an update:

Edited Control Panel/User Accounts/Change my Environment Variables.
No ATOM_HOME variable but found User path ended in C:\Users<user a/c name>\AppData\Local\Atom\bin (not .atom\bin)
Changed to end in F:\Atom\bin (there is no bin in .atom directory)
Rebooted. Still didn’t work - still the default installed themes and no packages.

Tried moving the .atom to inside F\Atom but that didn’t work either and now there are 2 packages folders:
F:\Atom\packages and F:\Atom.atom\packages (where my additional package are)

Note that my desktop icon path folders was edited to F:\Atom\Update.exe --processStart “atom.exe”. The atom.exe is in F:\Atom\app-1.13.1


Just rebooted again and this time it works with my selected theme and packages :slight_smile:

If mods could mark this solved that would be great. Thanks


Closing per request.

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