Mouse is Highlighting Text by Only Moving Mouse


I got a new mouse today (Logitech, m705). It seems that whenever I’m in Atom and I click a line to go to, whenever I move my mouse, it highlights wherever my mouse goes to. When I go into the editor, my click should only just place me into the line I want to go to. When I move my mouse out of the way, it should not highlight anything - but this is not the case.

Please note, I’m not holding my mouse down nor have the shift key pressed down.

If I need to clarify the behavior, please let me know.

I was operating in Atom 1.40 when I noticed the behavior. I updated to the latest stable version, 1.5.4. But it’s still happening. My OS is Ubuntu 15.04.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to remedy this?


Have you tried running atom in safe mode? Start on the command line with atom --safe.


It’s doing the same thing.


OK, the second standard advice is to close all windows, delete or rename ~/.atom and restart. If that doesn’t work do that but also reinstall before restarting. If that doesn’t work then post an issue on atom/atom.


Thanks! I’m not sure why restarting my computer didn’t cross my mind… But I did that, and it seems to be working as expected now. If it’s ever re-occurring, I’ll post the issue.


I don’t know if you are a fan of the british show The IT Crowd (you should be) but the IT guy at the company plays a recording of “Have you tried turning it off and back on” to every call. I should have asked that.