More Package Info in Settings


I really like the Setttings view. Here are a couple of items that would make it even better:

The keybindings documentation for packages is great, but there is no list of commands the package provides. If there is no keybinding then it doesn’t show up. It would be nice to have a separate Commands section or perhaps replace Keybindings with Commands and list the current keybindings there. Also considering adding a column with the human readable name that shows up in the command palette like “Go To Line : Toggle”. (And why is Toggle part of that command name?)

It would be nice to show default keybindings for commands and whether they’ve been overridden.

Finally, with so many packages being created, all with their own keys, it might be nice to have a way to disable the keybindings for a package to eliminate conflicts. There are a lot of packages that I use so rarely that I’d rather use the command palette and save the key for something I use more often.