Montif-Syntax theme


I have created a new theme and pushed onto atom. The thing is, it will not change the syntax colors or really anything. How am I able to view the result? I did try downloading my package but it still won’t work. Do you think you could try to download the package and let me see what it looks like.


Don’t worry! I fixed it!(Moderators please close this topic.)


Hi Steven.

mode := friendly
Since you have this topic open - why not use the opportunity and chat to us about your published theme? This is your community too, after all. Not everything needs to be questions - right?

Encourage: Do some shameless marketing.

What makes this theme special to you?
What has been the challenges?



@danPadric I am allowed to do that? Wow okay I wasn’t sure because I been on a different post, and they were saying I was self promoting myself and that was’t allowed.


:smile: Let us keep things in balance :balance_scale:

Well… I am new here so my words do not mean much. But what about creating a win-win.

Sharing some experience others can build on is a good way of bettering a community, yet get some [+] attention. It is when EGO comes in play that it becomes a cat :cat: fight.

… I :dog: like chasing cats :cat::wink:


:+1: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I see… Would it be alright if I posted my projects here(if you know)?