Modifying Theme rule?


I read you don’t have to directly modify css rules for a theme; therefore, how can I find a rule for a theme to change via Application: Open your style sheet, which by default is nearly empty ?


You can look at the theme, or investigate the DOM yourself with the Chrome dev tools (ctrl-shift-i) to find the element you want to target.


Unfortunately the rules within the styles.less don’t contain what I’m looking for as described here.


So you would write a new rule.


I did write a new rule within styles.less, I didn’t see any changes ?


What did you write?

.syntax-comment {
  font-size: 1.08em;


Try .syntax--comment.


Arghh, thanks :slight_smile:
Edit: The rules doesn’t apply any HTML/CSS files with comments ?


It should apply to them, too.