Modifying multiple body keybindings in keymap.cson fails


i try to set new keybindings in keymap.cson with:

  'ctrl-shift-o': 'pane:split-down-and-move-active-item'
  'ctrl-shift-e': 'pane:split-right-and-move-active-item'

but i get an error message saying
Failed to load /home/mango/.atom/keymap.cson
Duplicate key ‘body’

whats wrong with that? Didn’t found any information about that… how can i understand this?


you should add an “edit” feature to the posts… my formatting failed


“Edit” is a feature that you get once you get to a higher Trust Level on the board.

As for why you’re running into this problem, please see the Configuring with CSON section in the Atom Flight Manual.