Modifying files outside of Atom creates a .tmp file in the buffer


Hey maybe someone knows where I can disable this or give me a workaround… when I modify a file outside of Atom, Atom always creates a .tmp version of that file for me in the editor. I work in multiple environments simultaneously and frequently jump between them. I’ve installed revert-buffer into Atom, but that doesn’t seem to be reliable solution. Is there anyway to disable the creation of that .tmp file if a file has been modified outside of atom?



I’m not sure what you’re describing, could you provide steps to reproduce? Make sure to open Atom in safe mode so no community packages interfere.

Also providing the OS is generally necessary, especially for OS related behaviour like file system interaction.


Repro on a Windows 10 laptop is straight forward.

  1. open a file in Atom
  2. have that file open in another app, make some changes and save. I have Visual Studio 2017 community running with that file open.
  3. switch back to Atom
  4. notice that the Atom has now created a .tmp of the unedited file (pre-other app edits) along with the edited file. E,g, filename.cpp~RFf035190.TMP

I would like Atom not to create that .tmp file.

Hopefully that makes things clear?


To be clearer in Step 2 modify the file in the app outside of Atom, e.g. VS2017.