Modifying a line in a GIT repo creates several git diff entries


Hi everyone,

I am Sublime Text user who wants to switch to ATOM. However, I am facing a very big issue with GIT repositories. I’m coding in a fairly large GIT repository with long files. If modify a line in Sublime Text I can see with git diff this modification. However, in ATOM if a modify a line of a file, I can see with git diff that there are a lot differences in the file, meaning that commits present a lot of differences that they don’t really exist.

Is ATOM using a different git binary than SUBLIME? Is ATOM modifying the repo locally?

Thank you


What differences are you seeing?


Ok it seems the issue comes from package whitespace

Taken from:

This issue can be closed then


Brilliant. I’ve been having this issue for months now. I even brought it up to Tower support! In the end, it was so simple to solve. I just disabled the whitespace package! :man_facepalming:t3: