Modify core theme



I’m wondering how I can modify the core themes, I would like to change few things in one-dark-syntax. I guess I shouldn’t modify the core one (I don’t even know where it is)
I can’t install it either as a copy since it is already installed so is there a way to create a new syntax theme based on an existing one ?



What do you want to change? Chances are you can do anything you want by adding rules to your .atom/styles.less file (also available through File -> Stylesheet...).


I want to change some colors in the syntax highlighting


You will have to be more specific before I can provide you with help.


Oh I didn’t know that I could use that style.less to override my current theme. It seems to be working.
Thanks for the info


Your styles.less will be applied after everything else. Specificity can get tricky, so if you have anything that isn’t going on immediately, it’s probably because there are too many names attached to the selector that’s currently coloring the text you want.


but I would still be interested to modify the actual core theme one-dark-syntax just so I can see the name of what I m changing. And then I can paste that in the style.less


All packages are on GitHub. There was a recent migration to consolidate some core packages into the Atom repo, so here is one-dark-syntax



I know where to find that on github, that’s not the problem. I want to find the files on my system so I can modify them and see real time (with Dev mode) what I change.
If this is not possible then I would like to create my new Theme by cloning the one-dark-syntax so then I can edit the clone.
Does it make sense ?


You want to follow these instructions (and read and understand the attached material) with the GitHub repo for the theme you want to modify. If you have any questions about the process, we can answer them.


So UI and Syntax themes work the same ? Because I ended up on that page before but had a look at the above section (syntax)


They’re differentiated by their names. A theme with -ui will be treated by Atom as a UI theme. That’s the only thing that makes them distinct from non-theme packages.


But the process you’ve sent will work for both ? Because it doesn’t seem to be working.


It’s working when I try it. I just used apm link -d and opened the package code in Atom in dev mode, then made a change and it was immediately reflected.


got it working ! I was linking the wrong thing.