Modify core:paste


Hello, im used to vim pasting (paste below current line instead of above) what approach is adviced to override or change the core paste behaviour?


Can be elaborate on what you are trying to do? Vim-Mode pastes below (when using p). Also, insert mode pastes inline or below depending on the clipboard item.


i want to achieve this without using vim mode i’ll think i’ll dig into vim-mode source


If you copy without a selection, it copies the whole line. Then, you can paste below. Is this what you want?


Exactly, just like a Y + p would do in vim


Give this a try:

atom.commands.add 'atom-text-editor',
  'user:paste-below': (event) ->
    editor = @getModel()
    editor.transact ->


  'cmd-shift-u': 'user:paste-below'

But copying without a selection should work, by default.