Moddable Mailplane alternative in Electron for Gmail users


Hey all

I just wanted to share this project and how Electron was the perfect framework to do it with:

I’ve been a Mailplane user for years and always wanted this or that feature or at least the ability to write my own plugins, but they never deliver, even though they’ve shown they have plugin capabilities (there are 4 or 5 plugins in the preferences that one can enable, but they are all relatively niche, paid services – they probably get kickback for it or something).

With electron, I was able to recreate the Gmail shell quality of mailplane, complete with a badass modding system (thanks to Electron’s main process, embedder, and injection, and ipc features/qualities).

It only has one mod so far, which is basic GPG support using openpgp. But if this strikes a chord with any other mailplane users out there, maybe this will be helpful to you.

The best part is that thanks to Electron, this is cross platform! Mailplane only worked on OSX.