Modal dialog doesn't respond to keypresses anymore


I noticed that the modal popups don’t respond to keypresses anymore. To reproduce, create a post, then click the “cancel” link at the bottom. You will get a modal popup asking whether to abandon the post. The “Yes, Abandon” button is highlighted. But hitting Return doesn’t activate it. Hitting space scrolls the page. Hitting Tab does work to move focus between the buttons, but even after Tab, then Shift-Tab, I can’t do Return nor Space to activate the “Yes, Abandon” button.

Hm. Actually I’m not sure if this applies to other modal popups, as well. But I distinctly remember that I used to be able to hit Return for this one some weeks (months?) ago.

Can you reproduce this?

PS: I’d also like to take the opportunity to thank you for the wonderful responses on my previous requests: hitting j into the suggested topics, then hitting Return to open one now works like a charm. Also, threads are completely read after reading them (it used to be the last comment was still unread). Thanks a lot for this. Great job!


Hmm, I can kind of confirm. Neither enter nor space works to activate the cancel reply dialog buttons in the above scenario.

esc works to dismiss the dialog but that’s it.

Is this related to recent changes @eviltrout?


I regressed this when fixing another keyboard bug. I’ve got a fix in the pipeline, should be deployed soonish:


Yes, it works now. Very nice. Thanks a lot!

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