Mobiel devices?

Is there a mobile device version of this? I want to be able to save my code on my laptop, and continue off on my apple mobile device. Is this possible?

Using Atom on mobile? No, not until you port Electron to mobile /s.

Of what you want? Probably, but that’s not really to do with Atom; you would need to use a different editor on mobile.

What does “port Electron to mobile /s” means? I am interested interested in building a webpage via html on Atom, and download the atom app on my mobile device, and continue coding there, and if possible to have all devices sync files. The syncing is not much important because I can do iCloud, however, the availability of atom on mobile device is what to code on both is what I am inquiring about.

Sad news.
What you ask is not possible.
Atom only works on computers.

Atom is built on “Electron”.
“Electron” only works on computers.
“Electron” needs changes that does not exist now.

Electron is a large project with a lot of people working on it, with numerous dependencies in various places that also probably won’t work on mobile.

I was making a joke by implying it would be easy to port, and the /s was to show sarcasm. It would not be easy to port, and the people actively working on it have no real desire to do so.

Even if Node and/or Electron were available for iOS, please remember that Apple’s current AppStore policy doesn’t allow code interpretation on their devices. This is also the reason why alternative browser need to use Apple’s Nitro engine (Chrome, and thus Node, use Google’s V8 engine!)

However, support for Android should be possible in theory. But still… keep in mind that Atom is a keyboard-centric editor, so a lot of adjustments would have to be made to support touch interfaces. I don’t think it would be so comfortable to use.

@idleberg - would you have a (personal choice) suggestion to make of what coding app to use for this case?

The only iOS code editor I know is Coda, but I have zero experience with it or any other editor on any mobile device

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Coda is the only one I know, however to use it on your PC it cost $100 for license.