Mixed success with ATOM_HOME


I am on OS X and use multiple systems for development. In that sense, portability is very important. As per documentation, I set the ATOM_HOME environment variable and moved the .atom folder to a source controlled folder. This resulted in mixed success:

When I start Atom using /usr/local/bin/atom, it uses the .atom where ATOM_HOME points to. However, when I start Atom via Finder, Launchpad etc., it does not respect the ATOM_HOME variable and tries to read from ~/.atom (-> with this it creates a new standard config in ~/).

I can see why this is happening… Though don’t know how to solve this…


Maybe this will help:

I’m guessing that you didn’t use this mechanism to set the ATOM_HOME environment variable.


Thanks, it actually helped a lot. I ended up creating a LaunchAgent to set the environment variable.